GNP Pasco Champions Voice of Small to Medium Businesses in Local Markets

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TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 12, 2024 / — GNP Pasco is pleased to announce its mission to empower small to medium-sized businesses with high-level marketing strategies previously accessible only to large brands. The agency’s commitment is to ensure these businesses stand out in their local markets, leveraging the power of branded content marketing.

Mike Sedita, the award-winning marketing expert behind GNP Pasco, brings over two decades of experience in corporate finance and media planning to the table. “Our approach is to use large brand tactics to grow small to medium-sized businesses,” he says. “We believe that with the right tools and visibility, these businesses can achieve unprecedented growth and recognition in their respective industries.”

With a history steeped in corporate success and national brand media buying, GNP Pasco distinguishes itself by providing branded content marketing strategies that many in the industry overlook. The company focuses on creating an omnipresence for businesses, tailoring multimedia platforms that adapt to any business’s unique needs. This customization allows for a more significant impact in their client’s target markets, translating into tangible results.

At its very core, GNP Pasco is not just about driving up SEO rankings or gaining credible recognition as marketing experts. Instead, its mission goes deeper – to give a voice to the often-overlooked segment of small to medium-sized businesses in their local markets.

“We aim to create a level playing field where these businesses can compete effectively with larger corporations,” explains Sedita. “Our strategies are designed to amplify their message, engage with their audience, and ultimately, drive their growth.”

The company’s unique selling proposition lies in its branded content marketing, a strategy that has been the cornerstone of its success. By creating content that resonates with the audience and reflects the brand’s identity, GNP Pasco not only helps businesses grow, but also establishes them as thought leaders in their field.

In alignment with this core mission, GNP Pasco has also launched the Good Neighbor Podcast. Based out of Pasco County, but serving the entire Tampa area, this platform brings together local businesses and residents to provide a space where companies can share their stories, connect with the community, and build lasting relationships.

“The podcast is another channel through which we amplify our clients’ voices, showcasing their unique contributions to the community and further enhancing their marketing strategies,” adds Sedita. “It also serves as a testament to our commitment to not just serve businesses, but to intertwine their stories with the fabric of Pasco County’s vibrant community.”

Businesses interested in being featured on the Good Neighbor Podcast can book an interview to share their journey, connect with the community, and utilize the episode as a multifaceted marketing tool.

For more information about GNP Pasco, to be featured on the Good Neighbor Podcast, or to watch past episodes, please visit

About GNP Pasco

Mike Sedita, a record-setting and award-winning Marketing Expert, leads GNP Pasco. With a combined 25 years in corporate finance and 12 years of national brand media buying and planning, Sedita’s expertise is unparalleled. GNP Pasco stands out as an respected content marketing agency, offering a customizable multimedia platform suited for any business aiming to elevate their market presence.

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GNP Pasco
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